Other Services from Sunny Smiles

Our Continuous Support

Sunny Smiles, as the only agency provides continuous support throughout au-pair stay to families! Our involvement does not just end once the Au-Pair has arrived. We are always available to answer queries and to help resolve any problems that may arise.

Our experience and language abilities make us well qualified to help. Families and Au pairs are provided with our mobile number and an emergency contact number for outside office hours. The emergency number is to be used only in a real emergency, where you will be guided through by an experienced member of staff to deal with your emergency. We also check telephone messages several times 24 hours a day!

As soon as your Au-pair arrives we will send the Au pair generous Welcome Pack including sim card, list of fellow Au pair’s contact details with access to Au pairs contact website, BAPAA Au pair handbook and Childcare Handbook, information about language schools, Au pairs and dates of Au pairs meetings.

We will telephone the family and the Au-pair on the day or shortly after of arrival to make sure everything is okay.

Sunny Smiles organises outings and monthly meetings for Au-pairs locally. These meetings are becoming increasingly popular and many of our Au-pairs join them month after month. We often discuss important issues concerning their stays in the UK. These meetings are always very encouraging and help the Au-pairs to overcome a feeling of loneliness. We always make them feel welcomed.

As a founder member of BAPAA we also cooperate in organising outings as part of the association such the yearly and very popular Boat trip on Themes and other social events. Some 300 Au pairs attend these events year after year.

Whether you are Au pair or a family and have any suggestions or idea on a new social event, do get in touch! We will love to hear from you! Email: info@sunnysmiles.co.uk