Family Information

Family Application Procedure

  1. After receiving the Family Application Form together with one signed copy of the Family Contract Sunny Smiles will proceed with the application immediately.
  2. As soon as Sunny Smiles finds suitable Applicants, copies of their Application Forms each accompanied with 2 references and a medical certificate, will be forwarded to the client.
  3. If the client chooses one of the Applicants, we will contact the Au-pair and the Partner Agency abroad and forward them the family details.
  4. Once the Au-pair is informed and agrees with the placement a telephone call between the two participants is possible. Sunny Smiles can help with arranging the date and the time of this call.Note: Telephone calls can sometimes be a stressful moment for the Au-pair. Their English is often not good enough to communicate swiftly and understand everything you say. So, if you do wish to speak to them, please speak very slowly, use simple sentences and speak clearly.
  5. The family will need to write a personal letter of invitation for their Au-pair prior to their arrival to the UK. This will make the placement far more personal. Attaching a family photograph is also a very nice touch.
  6. Should the client refuse the Applicants offered or should the Au-pair decline the client’s family, Sunny Smiles will forward details of further Applicants to the client (if available).
  7. When the date of the Au-pair’s arrival is agreed, the Au-pair is asked to make his/her travel arrangements, details of which will subsequently be forwarded to the client.Note: Au-pairs from Central and Eastern Europe often travel by coach service which takes approximately 24 hours. 
  8. Sunny Smiles will post a generous Welcome Pack to the au-pair and will telephone the family and the Au-pair on the day of arrival to make sure everything is okay.