Elderly Companion

  • Keeps an elderly person company, helps with housework, driving, shopping, cooking, assisting during meal times. Elderly companions are not professional carers therefore they cannot administer or dispense any medication
  • Helps either under the Au pair and Au pair plus conditions and pay or as full employment working up to 45 hours per week for the minimum of £180 Net pay.
  • Receives free board and lodgings with a host family.
  • The host family is responsible for the tax and the N.I. contributions being paid if the pay is above the national pay threshold ( we can provide you with a payroll companies on request)
  • BAPAA recommends that, the Elderly Companion receives 28 days of paid holiday pro rata per annum or 1.66 days per month pro-rata if the placement is shorter than a year. This can include public and bank holidays.