Who pays for what

Important Information

Who Pays for What

  • The Au-pair will pay for their fare from their home country to the country of their destination and also for their onward ticket back home.
  • The Au-pair will pay for their registration fee (if required).
  • The Au-pair is expected to pay for their language classes and other language course fees such as exam entry fees.
  • If the Au-pair needs to travel to the language classes from a rural area and has to pay additional travel expenses, a contribution from the family towards this cost is common. Families in France and Germany will generally pay for the Au-pair’s travel pass.
  • The Au pair should have a free access to the Family’s interenet to be able to keep in touch with friends and family.
  • If the Au-pair is to have use of a car, it has to be made clear from the beginning who pays for the petrol (including time off use); the Au-pair should also be included on a car insurance policy which is paid for by the family.
  • Au pair Holiday Entitlement; The new holiday rules were introduced from September 2010 by BAPAA( www.BAPAA.org).
  • BAPAA recommends 28 days holiday per 12 month period, including Public Holidays. Pocket money will be paid during this time. To calculate the holiday entitlement for less than a year, or for someone helping less than 5 days a week, click  http://www.nannytax.co.uk/holiday-entitlement.The au pair should not be forced to take holiday to coincide with the family holiday. Holidays should be mutually agreed between host family and au pair.
  • UK Public Holidays: These are included in the recommended holiday and au pairs can either be given the day off or have a day off in lieu as part of their holiday allowance