Driving in the UK

Au-pairs, who will be driving in the UK or abroad, have to make sure that they bring with them a valid international driving licence.This is not applicable for Au pairs from EU or EEA countries. The Au pair should have a clean driving license and provide the agency and the host family with copy which is to be forwarded on to the car insurance company.

Because the British road system is different to the European (driving on the left, different speed limits etc.) the host should provide Au pair with a copy of the Highway Code and arrange few driving lessons with professional driving instructor or insure by themselves that the Au pair is comfortable driving the family car and had enough practise before driving children as part of their duty. Sunny Smiles can provide the family with a contact of local driving instructor who specialises on the transition of driving on the left side of the road in the UK.

The host family is liable for the Au pair’s car insurance and must provide the Au-pair with information about what to do in case of breakdown or accident. Should the Au pair cause an accident resulting for the car having to be repaired, the family is responsible for paying the excess on their car insurance.

Petrol, resulting in being used during the Au pair’s duty, is to be provided by the family. However, should the Au pair use the car in their free time, the Au pair may be asked to contribute towards the petrol used. It is normal practise that the Au pair is responsible for paying any parking tickets or speeding fines which have incurred whilst the Au pair was using the family car.

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