Au pair Information

The Au Pair programme is a cultural exchange programme.

Au-pair is a single male or female aged between 17 and 27 inclusive, without dependants who comes to the United Kingdom and lives as a member of an English speaking family for up to two years.

Age: Au Pair is aged 18 – 30

Hours on duty: Au Pairs can be on duty from 25 hours per week with at least two full days off per week of which should be one full weekend off per month.

Pocket Money: Pocket money must be minimum £75 per week for 25 hours, regardless of whether the minimum hours are worked. For 30 hours the minimum is £90.

Babysitting: Au-pair is also expected to baby-sit for 2 nights a week. Additional pocket money should be paid for any additional evenings.

Leisure time: Au Pair must be given enough time to attend language school.

Holidays: As from September 2010, BAPAA recommends 28 days holiday per 12 month period, including Public Holidays. Pocket money will be paid during this time.

UK Public Holidays: These are included in the recommended holiday and Au Pairs can either be given the day off or have a day off in lieu as part of their holiday allowance.

Childcare:  Au Pair is not permitted to have continuous sole charge of children under the age of two.

Au-pair receives free board and lodgings with a host family. The Au-pair is to be given private room and opportunity to study and attend religious services if they wish.

Au-pair helps the host family with childcare and light housework.

List of housework tasks accepted as light housework:
• Washing dishes, including loading and unloading dishwasher
• Preparing simple meals for children
• Keeping kitchen tidy and clean, including sweeping and mopping floors
• Loading and unloading laundry into washing machine
• Ironing for children
• Putting washed clothes away
• Vacuuming
• Dusting
• Making and changing children’s beds
• Cleaning children’s bathroom
• Everything to do with keeping their own room/bathroom clean and tidy
• Light shopping (not the entire household shopping)
• Walking and feeding pets
• Emptying bins

List of tasks considered unsuitable for an Au Pair:
• Gardening
• Window cleaning
• Spring cleaning
• Cleaning the oven, other than simple wiping out
• Washing carpets
• Washing the car
• Weekly shopping
• Pet training
• Clearing up after untrained pets
• Making parents bed*
• Ironing for parents *
• Cleaning parents’ en-suite bathroom*
• Polishing silver and brassware*
• Cooking the family meal, unless the Au Pair enjoys cooking and has chosen to do this for the family
*These duties can be included where there is less childcare and the children are out of the house for most of the day, if this is agreed in advance.
Au pairs should not be required to do housework such as ironing, when looking after children of primary school age or toddlers, due to safety reasons.