Sunny Smiles prides itself in longstanding success in placing applicants since 1997 and have well established working partner agencies abroad.

Who we work with? We currently co-operate with well-established and reputable partner agencies within Europe and America who follow their work to high standards including selecting suitable applicants for the Au pair programme by screening their personal profile and verifying their references. These applicants are interviewed in person or where not possible, by skype.

Our aim is to offer a first class service a to both Sunny Smiles clients and all au-pairs. We have a personal approach, which if fair, flexible, understanding and caring.

If you are working to the same standards as an agent supplying us with vetted and well documented applicants or you would like to be trained and become one and work with successfull team at Sunny Smiles we are always looking for talented overseas agents.

Membership; Sunny Smiles has a wide network of highly praised and well-regulated agencies from all over the world and is a founder member of BAPAA (British Au-pair Agencies Association), the only recognised Trade Association for the British Au pair Industry setting standards for the Au pair industry.

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